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Personalised services for every one offers Indiv Investidual investors the facility to perform and execute any trade in the Indian Equity Markets.
We have set a keen eye on the Indian Equity Markets for over Twenty five year. Over time, we have developed the proficiency to predict market trends, sector cyclical movements, and even spot potential multi-baggers to be picked at the right time for the right kind of investment as desired by the investment houses.
All trades are executed and backed by market trends and reports, thereby safeguarding the client’s interest and attempting to maximize revenues.
To seize opportunities provided by the Equity Markets, we use advanced technology to help you keep up with the market pace. We also offer high-end technological platform .
Our expertise, skills, and resources to recommend stocks and sectors based on the requirement of clients, and truly work towards achieving long-term investment goals.
We ensure total transparency in our dealings and absolute confidentiality of information related to all our clients we Never Promote Trading Investor Make Lot Of Wealth in Companison of Trader with a Long term Horizon.

Grow Money Benefits of Portfolio Management Services

• Diversification of portfolio for containing non-systematic risks in equity market
• Active risk management
• Active review and rebalancing
• Expert management.
• Best Portfolio Service.
• Solid risk management
• Experienced fund management team
• Efficient and personalised client servicing
• No entry load on investment
• No lock-in period for investment
• Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other .
• Additional purchase facility
• Withdrawal facility for any amount .


• Investment in companies that have a strong competitive advantage over their peers
• Well laid-out investment philosophy
• Pro-active management of funds.
• Based on Quatarly Performance of the company.
• Committed parentage Over Long Period
• Minimum Investment of As Per You Budget
• No lock-in period for investment
• You Can easily buy sale and Hold yours Stock in your Demat Account.
• Our Approach to Investment
• Follow principles of value and growth investing.
• Focus on capital preservation.
• An impetus to low-risk, high-return stock by capturing the complete up moves in the stock by cherry-picking these at a nascent stage.
• Be contrarian at times and bet on unknown & unpopular businesses that have the potential to deliver more superior returns.
• Stock picking based on hidden valuations, rather than on absolute market capitalisation.
• Suitable for medium to high-risk investors who have a long-term perspective.
• Seeks to capture value by investing during the early stages of the growth cycle.
• Portfolio Management Services is an investment portfolio in stocks, debt, and fixed income products handled by a professional money manager. These products can be customised to meet specific investment objectives. There is freedom and flexibility to tailor customer required portfolios to address personal preferences and financial goals.
• The Key Parameters
• Strength and quality of management and promoters
• Robust business model
• Valuation – The appropriate price at the time of entry and exit
• Future growth prospects
• Fundamentals of Investment
• Investment horizon more than 5 years
• Risk: Moderate
• Return: Moderate

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